TWD- The Other SIde- Saviors visit Hilltop

TWD: “The Other Side” The Saviors Visit Hilltop

Sigh… I’m really struggling with this season guys. At least episode 14 was a little more interesting to watch, what with Hilltop’s surprise visitors.

In all honesty, I sometimes feel like I’m watching an entirely different show than the one I “fell” for. It’s like I’ve come to the point in a relationship where I feel like I don’t even know the person anymore. And that is very sad. Thankfully “The Other Side” had a little more action and a huge revelation for viewers. A big moment for Walking Dead fans for sure, and it all happened at Hilltop.

Jesus Gets a Little Personal with Maggie

Yep, Jesus finally comes out to Maggie and that is canon right from the comics! While speculations were flying around, no one had confirmed it outright until now. It’s nice to know a little more about Jesus. Gives his character some depth, and I like him even more now. I’m sure there are some disgruntled haters out there but they should read the comics if they have any issues and then get over themselves. You guys can read the full recap HERE.


Sasha is sneaking around, making her final plans to leave with Rosita, when The Saviors make a surprise appearance at Hilltop. As usual, Gregory is a snivelling, disgusting coward and I’m just waiting for him to roll over and reveal that Hilltop is harbouring Maggie and Daryl.

They don’t say why they’re there, but we know that they are looking for Daryl (Still trying to figure out why he didn’t just stay at the Kingdom). Maggie and Daryl hide in the root cellar and Maggie finally confronts Daryl. She tells him that she doesn’t blame him for Glenn. She goes on to say, “Glenn thought you were one of the good guys”. Daryl starts crying and they embrace. Personally, I do blame Daryl for Negan killing a second victim but it could have been anyone.

TWD- Gregory

Meanwhile, Simon and Gregory have a “moment”, meaning Simon makes subtle threats and Gregory kisses his ass. God, I hate that guy. It really is only a matter of time before he rats out everyone. Thankfully, the Saviors leave without discovering anyone. Sasha and Rosita use the commotion as cover to leave Hilltop for their mission to kill Negan.

Sasha and Rosita

They finally hash out their issues while hiding out in an abandoned building across from Negan’s compound. And though they argue over how they should take him out, it looks as though Rosita is the one who will walk away from this mission. I originally thought it would be Rosita who gets killed because of her recklessness and yet now it looks as though we may lose Sasha.

One thing we learned for sure during this episode, Eugene isn’t working an angle! He is “Negan” all the way.

All said, it was a decent episode but I do long for the days of the first 4 seasons. I now consider that period, The Walking Dead’s prime. Until next week!

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