TWD-The First Day of the Rest of Your Life- S7 Finale

TWD: “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life” S7 Finale

In the season 7 finale “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life”, The Walking Dead delivered an episode worthy of their long-standing reputation.

I mentioned before, that despite maintaining ridiculously high ratings (though low for TWD), The Walking Dead had passed their prime. But last night, after watching “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life” I’m happy to say, that maybe Rick and the gang have a little left in the tank after all. (Read full recap HERE)

Wow, what a finale! So, I’m not surprised that Sasha is the one who died last night. She was pretty much dead the moment she decided to storm Negan’s “Sanctuary”. What I didn’t expect, was Sasha ending her life in such a dramatic way. Obviously, some of the theatrics are down to Negan’s morbid sense of humor, but Sasha committing suicide, knowing that she would turn? Awesome!

Sasha the walker

So how did Negan find out Rick’s Plan?

The question on everyone’s mind last week, was how the hell did Negan find out about Rick’s plan anyway? Who was the rat? The possibilities were endless. What I did not expect, was Rick having a gun turned on him by the leader of the “Smelly Garbage People” (Thanks Negan). I mean, they are a very strange group of people. Almost alien-like. But they did seem to possess some sort of code, a sense of honor. Poor Rick, having everything planned down to the finest detail, and then having it go horribly wrong at the moment of truth. Brutal!

I’m not sure how I feel about Sasha’s flashbacks to her and Abraham, but it was nice to see him again. I guess she had to have something to think about inside that coffin. It was sort of like her life flashing before her eyes, or at least the decisions she and Abe made that led to his death and her revenge. Imagine if he had listened to her, then it wouldn’t have been Abraham who died. I wonder who it would have been instead?

Riding in to Save the Day

I just want it on record, I never for one minute thought that Michonne died. I was however, extremely disappointed with her fight scene. Seriously, what happened to her? Anyway, after Sasha creates the perfect diversion, the Alexandrians put up a valiant fight. Unfortunately as you know, it wasn’t enough and just before Negan is about to pulverize Carl’s head, the people of Hilltop and the Kingdom arrive just in the nick of time. An epic battle ensues, and Negan is driven away until season 8.


Notice I haven’t mentioned a thing about Dwight? I’m pretty sure we all knew redemption was beyond his grasp and they should have killed him on sight. Tara had the right idea.

As a whole, I was pleased with the finale and I will miss Sasha. She was their best sniper and an all-around bad ass. At least her send off was pretty epic.

What did you guys think of the finale? Did it renew your faith in TWD or was it rock solid all along? I would love to hear you thoughts.

RIP Sasha
Walker Sasha

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