Tail and Trouble, A Magical Mystery!

Tail and Trouble by Victor Catano, is a fun, magical tale full of witches, adventure and a telepathic dog!

Gabriel (ex-military) is a man on a mission!  His witchy paramour is missing and her only hope lies with her magical bull-dog Orson, her familiar who has an appetite for fast food and faster poodles. And with her true love, a regular guy with a bit of a temper and a strong feeling that something is very wrong.

Sheila’s own coven insists that she’s fine but Orson has a psychic connection to her and he hasn’t been able to feel her or talk to her in ages.  This is enough for Gabriel, so the unlikely duo set out to find her, and in doing so, uncover a nefarious plot they knew nothing about and worse still, that Sheila may have fallen victim to. Also did I mention that Orson is psychic?  Gabriel can hear him, too.Urban fantasy with magical dog

Catano, braves a predominantly female genre to give us a fresh perspective on witch fantasy!

Not to mention a dog’s perspective! It’s a fun and light read with punchy straightforward writing that even my husband would enjoy…because let’s be honest, men are usually straightforward and not fond of overly descriptive hyperbole. For the ladies, it’s just a nice change of pace having to read from a man’s point of view.

Having a witch’s familiar be able to communicate via telepathy is another fun twist that I don’t think I’ve encountered before. Orson definitely provides comic relief when things get too intense.

The key to enjoying this story for me, was to not take it too seriously.  Enjoy it for what it is… a fun book that even the men in our lives might enjoy and dog lovers will adore!

Rating B-

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