A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Here we go…the third book in the AMAZING Sarah J. Maas trilogy, A Court of Thorns and Roses. Wow. Just wow.

I do love Sarah J. Maas. I’ll inhale any book she writes. I was DYING for this book. DYING after I finished the last one.

Sarah J. Maas books are addicting

It. Did. Not. Disappoint.

Feyre puts on a good act with Tamlin as she heads back to life in the Spring Court. She’s doing some spying to learn more about Hybern in addition to plotting some revenge on Tamlin. Her plan is to create a divide in the Spring Court, turn Tamlin’s people against him. She’s very impressive, don’t mess with Feyre.

War looks unavoidable.

And after totally throwing the Spring Court into chaos, she returns to Rhys. Allow me to sigh. I love him. He’s smart, funny, snarky, I imagine quite hot, and so completely in love with Feyre. Rhys decides he needs an alliance. He needs the other High Lords to band together to defeat Hybern. But, who does he trust? Tough call…. They’re an interesting bunch. Including Lucien’s father, the humiliated and vengeful Tamlin and a few other fancy Lords.

In the middle of this- we have Cassian and Nesta. Doing the I hate you, but not really dance. Note to Sarah J. Maas…please continue their storyline. Thank you. And, Elaine who is the mate of Lucien, but is not giving him any love or even conversation. Nesta and Elaine popped out of the cauldron as very different people. They have their own set of powers and haven’t embraced the whole fae thing yet.

Sarah J. Maas and Dr. Evil agree

I took a bit of a reading break, just super busy with work. And, this book reminded me of why I love to read. It was thrilling, sweet, with confident strong characters. It also actually surprised me at times (as in did not see that stuff coming), and the last battle scenes…epic!!!!

I had to pause and look away. It was too much at once. You know that feeling, when you want to read it, you need to know, but you’re full. You feel too much and have to stop just for a moment. Yup. A few of those feelings.

There was one part where I cried. Literally weeped. I couldn’t take it. It was so not what I wanted to happen. Sarah J. Maas surely wouldn’t do that, right? No spoiler from me, but read this book with a box of tissues nearby.

A give this a big A+. Read it now or save it for summer.

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