Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet–A Netflix Original

Looking for your next TV show? Well Santa Clarita Diet is it!

This show is the perfect TV binge for this coming weekend. The whole first season of The Santa Clarita Diet is available to watch on Netflix and it is frikin awesome!

Santa Clarita Diet (Starring: Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant)

Sheila and Joel, a married couple, are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. They have a happy albeit, boring life, a typical teenage daughter, lovely home and successful careers. That is until Sheila dies and their “Leave it to Beaver” lifestyle takes a very dark turn. (Watch Trailer)

The Characters

Omg! I love this show! Yes I am a self-professed zombie lover but seeing a sweet Drew Barrymore take on this role is fantastic. Plus, I’ve always had a thing for Timothy Olyphant and he steps out of his “bad boy” shoes to play her repressed “I was the beloved highschool quarterback” husband. They have fabulous chemistry together and are so fun to watch.

The Santa Clarita Diet- Husband and wife

One of my favourite characters however, is the nerdy boy next door (Skyler Gisondo). Of course he has been crushing on his neighbor’s daughter for years and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things undead. Naturally, the Hammonds turn to him for answers and Abby and Eric finally become friends. It’s very sweet.

The cast as a whole is very good. Everyone jives together well and the characters are very entertaining. Did I mention that the neighbors on both sides of the Hammonds are feuding cops? Lol!

The Show

You need a certain appreciation for dark comedy to enjoy this show, so if you’re squeamish it may not be for you. Not to mention, it can get pretty gory as it is a zombie show. Fans of iZombie and the movie Shaun of the Dead, will love Santa Clarita Diet. It’s witty, hilarious, a little suspenseful and really gross!

Santa Clarita Diet- Sheila Hammond

Honestly friends, I can’t rave about this show enough. There are ten episodes in season 1 and I wait on tenterhooks for Netflix to announce its renewal for season 2. I have no doubts that it will. And to think, we almost cancelled our subscription a few years ago due to lack of new content. Netflix execs, you have really stepped up your game!

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2 thoughts on “Santa Clarita Diet–A Netflix Original

  1. I am loving this show too! I am trying to save it because of how few episodes there are so I’m only a few episodes in. I recommended it to a co-worker after seeing the trailer, the next day he messaged me to tell me he had devoured all 10 episodes! (Do you see what I did there? Quite proud of it.)

    Definitely a great one – and I agree with your recommendation to people who like iZombie, it’s a very good fit!

    • Lol! I did notice, well done. You have way more will power than I. I watched them all over a 24 hr period. Thanks for reading 🙂

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