Riverdale- Explosive First Season

Riverdale: Explosive First Season!

Warning: Major spoilers!!! Explosive first season of Riverdale wraps up with bang!

Omg! Did you watch this show? If you didn’t, you must correct that now! We all read the comics as kids, so to see our favourite malt drinking gang involved in a seedy, murder mystery is fan-frikin-tastic! What an amazing first season! Explosive is definitely the right word to describe it.

Riverdale Gang

Twin Peaks…Er… I mean Riverdale

Raise your hands if you think that Archie is kind of a douche. Or at the very least, a little lame? When I first started watching this show, I had no idea Archie was going to be such a flaky character. I mean, from the first episode he had so much potential, what with having an affair with Mrs. Weatherbee. But as he flitted from girl to girl (expected) and professed his desire to be a “musician”, he just continued to be not much more than a pretty face.

On that note, who expected Jughead Jones to be the dark horse of the bunch? His character is rife with clichés but man, he is far more interesting than his asexual, hamburger eating comic book character. And he gets the girl! A hot one at that! Am I alone when I say that I think Betty is the hotter of the two famous frenemies? Of course Ronnie is gorgeous but Betty has the whole”angelic” beauty thing combined with a secret dark streak. It’s been very interesting to watch! Seriously Archie, eat your heart out!

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper

Speaking of eating your heart out, or ripping your heart out (I know, terrible segue), Jughead’s whole life is so unbelievably sad! Every time he sees a glimmer of hope that his father will turn things around, he is bitterly disappointed. Then when F.P. is arrested for Jason Blossom’s murder, he reaches out to his mother and even she won’t take him in! Ugh, so sad! No wonder he paints such a tragic figure. A hell of lot more interesting than Archie.

What’s worse, is that we know F.P. truly wants to be a better man because he loves his son so much. He prove’s that when he confesses to a murder we now know for sure he didn’t commit. (Hey remember when Skeet Ulrich was really hot? No? Watch Scream or The Craft and you’ll see what I mean).

Anyway, The season ends with what we can only perceive as the worst thing possible for Juggy, and that is that he transfers to a school on the “south side” and accepts becoming part of the Serpents. Or at least accepts their jacket. Oh Juggy!

Cole Sprouse- Jughead Jones

Season 1 Ends with a Bang. Literally

As if learning that the Coopers are actually Blossoms (Shudders) wasn’t bad enough, we finally find out who murdered Jason Blossom. His own creepy father! And their maple syrup empire is actually a huge front for trafficking heroin! I knew his murder had something to do with his family but I did not see the heroin angle coming. Nor did I see Cheryl burning down their family’s mansion after her father kills himself. Really though, can we blame her?

And last but definitely not least, the season finale ends with an apparent robbery gone wrong, and Fred Andrews gets shot in front of Archie. The question is, was Hermoine or Hiram Lodge responsible? My money is on Hermoine.

I can’t wait for season 2! I am loving this show and I look forward to seeing its evolution. What do you guys think? More raves than rants? Or did you hate it?

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2 thoughts on “Riverdale: Explosive First Season!

  1. Hello!
    I just came across your website and I totally love it! I am a HUGE Riverdale fan and have read some of the comics. Love your review and I plan on doing one on my blog too. I think the shooter in the season finale has to be connected to the Lodges. Just wondering, what do you think of Bughead?

    • Oh I’m so glad you liked It! I think Hermione Lodge is behind it. I think maybe she may be a little shadier than we know.

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