Preston's Honor

Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan’s new book in the Signs of Love series, Preston’s Honor, is a story about love, sacrifice, heartbreak, and grief.

As usual Mia Sheridan’s writing flows, so wonderfully, keeping me engrossed into the story late into the night. The story of Preston’s Honor is about a young boy, who is way too serious for his own good. Preston Sawyer is the responsible one, whereas his twin brother Cole, he is all laughs and easy-going. Not a serious bone in his body.

Annalia Del Valle is the girl who both boys adore.

She grew up poor and has a difficult relationship with her mother. Lia tries so hard to make it all work, and she finds bliss with her two closest friends, Cole and Preston. But when she’s with these two boys, she gets to forget about the difficulties of her life for a short while. However, these friendships come with stipulations of their own. This led to a lot of insecurities and sadness with Annalia. She never had the chance to experience true friendship, as she didn’t know whether it was real or not.

Nobody girl.

Nobody girl.

Nobody girl.


But in the end, she does love one boy more than the other, and it’s hurting her. 

Mia Sheridan loves to put readers in pain and then bring them the satisfaction they deserve. It is why I know I will pick up any book by her.

Preston’s Honor felt so honest and real.

I love being sucked into the unique environments she creates for every book. Her characters are difficult, flawed and they struggle so much, but they are so human. They teach me to never give up and always try to reach your happiness.

“Do you think there’s a chance for us, Lia?”

Annalia and Preston make many mistakes within this book:  refusing to communicate, jealousy, rivalry, and guilt.  

These choices lead them towards a path in their lives which they could have never imagined occurring. One night in their lives changed everything. Preston is willing to give up his own happiness for his honor. He lives in the guilt of his own feelings towards Annalia, which made their relationship even more difficult.  He stays away from her as much as he can so that he won’t have to live with the pain of never getting to be with her.

Preston’s Honor takes us to the past and the future, telling us the tale of a heartbroken boy and girl, giving them a second chance to get it right.

It is a story of achieving your dreams and never giving up on what makes you feel free. All the sad moments made all the beautiful moments so much more worth it. There were points in this story where my eyes filled with tears.

Part of my love for Preston was like a slow-moving river that had gained breadth and speed over time. And another part came in short bursts of white-hot lightning, marking the very moments when the love in my heart had charged and intensified.

Preston’s Honor is so meaningful, filled with depth and strong emotions that made me feel love in my heart. Mia Sheridan’s terrific writing blew me away once again.

A wonderful addition to the Signs of Love series.

(ARC provided kindly by Mia Sheridan. Release date: 19th February 2017)

Grade: B


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