Mature Content by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell (Cyberlove #4)

The Cyberlove series is one of my favourite series. Each book is better than the last.

Mature Content features Beau Starr and TrashyZane, two different kinds of gay icons in their online universe. Beau is the good guy, very positive vibes and produces very clean content. Zane is much more open with his life, especially his sex life. These two YouTubers DO NOT GET ALONG.

“What sex life?” I asked with a smirk. “My grandmother’s sheets see more action than yours, you vanilla little punk. You probably wouldn’t know what to do if a boy fell into your bed with ‘power bottom’ tattooed on his ass.

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They both have a lot of misconceptions about each other and despise what the other one stands for. This leads to one of them having something to prove which leads to a night of extremely hot hate sex, where they are in fact very compatible. This doesn’t necessarily mean they like each other though. Soon after this night, they’re doing their best to avoid each other, but forces push them back together not long after.

We want you guys to do the Touch My Body challenge.

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The book takes you on an adventure as these two boys figure themselves out and how they actually feel about each other. They both realise they’ve made mistakes in judging each other and watching them become aware of their feelings was so lovely! Their text messages were so funny, their banter is so good! You will laugh a lot through this book.

I wasn’t sure a fuck-and-run was enough for me anymore. In a short amount of time, I’d gone from craving Zane’s body to also craving his presence—his texts and his attention.

I really loved Mature Content. It was a wonderful addition to the Cyberlove series and I hope they don’t stop writing books for this series! I would love another two or three!

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