A Hundred Thousand Words by Nyrae Dawn


Nyrae Dawn wrote a book I finished in one night because it was so sweet, hot and had everything I look for in a book: complicated relationships between friends and families. It’s always great to read about a couple, but when family and friends are involved it makes it all the more real and amazing!

A hundred Thousand Words is about a boy named Tobias Jackson who is very very lonely. He has his best friend Chris Baxter and his family, but his own family isn’t doing too great. He and his dad are very distant from each other and things aren’t the way they should be. On top of that, he’s black and gay, which makes him feel even more alone. But to add to the stress, Toby wishes he could stop fantasizing about his best friend’s older brother Levi, who is straight.

When Toby goes off for college, he learns a lot more about himself and gets to explore more of his sexuality. Very thoroughly. However, when he come back from school for the holidays, he realizes Levi has changed. Levi isn’t as straight as Toby previously thought him to be. That’s not the only thing that’s different now, Levi is being much nicer and wants to get to know Toby. Toby always thought Levi saw him as the best friend of the younger brother that he loved to tease and annoy but it seems Levi may no longer see him like that.

Toby always saw Levi as the most perfect and well put together man he knew. It seems Toby is wrong about a lot of things.

As Nyrae Dawn develops the relationship between these two, you begin to see them open up to each other and learn more that they never had before. There are sweet moments, sexy moments and angsty moments in which your heart hurts but it doesn’t last too long.

I want more than your body. I want your heart and I need your words. I need to know you feel the same. I can’t be in this alone.”

The writing in this book was delightful. I absolutely enjoyed staying up late to read this in one sitting. It seized my heart and made me feel so wonderfully warm. I loved watching Levi develop from this untouchable, unattainable perfect being to a normal boy who isn’t as put together as everyone assumed him to be in the eyes of Toby. He slowly becomes much more human and vulnerable throughout the book. It makes the relationship seem much more real.

Learning about their past and future and seeing the development in their families gave me the feels. I so badly wanted for these kids to find their happiness and achieve what they have wanted in life. This is such a feel-good college setting book between two boys falling in love and understanding their feelings for each other. This book shows how silence can hurt, how it can even be deadly.

Words are funny like that, though. They’re hard to spit out, hard to let out of your head. Feels so much safer to keep them inside of you.

I encourage you all to read this book! Feel free to check out Nyrae Dawn’s other books, they’re just as amazing!

Grade: B+.

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