Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire by L. H. Cosway

Hearts of Fire is a colorful, magical, steamy romance that will take your breath away.

Ever since I read Six of Hearts I fell in love with the author L.H. Cosway and binged on her books over one weekend. When I heard that she was releasing a sequel to Six of Hearts, Called Hearts of Fire, which was about a character mentioned in the first book, I almost collapsed on the ground in happy tears and fangirling. When I read the synopsis of this book I knew it was going to be just as great as Six of Hearts and all her other books. But, wow, this book was truly heart-stopping!

Hearts of Fire starts off with Lille living her life in a way she doesn’t want to, with a controlling mother. So, what does she do? Join the circus, of course. Here L.H Cosway leads us on an adventure through Lille’s eyes and through her eyes we meet mysterious, distrusting, alluring Jack McCabe.

Jack McCabe is a fire-breather, knife-thrower, risk taker.

He’s very closed off at first but as their friendship evolves, seeing the way Jack opens up is truly exciting and their relationship was so natural and realistic, it was beautiful!

“Would it make you feel better to know that we all get the same number of hours in a day, days in a year? Some people might be rich and some might be poor, but none of them can buy time. It is one of the fairest systems in the world.”

Through their adventure in the circus, we get to see them travel and Lille begins to live her life the way she dreamed of and slowly begins to tick off all the things she wished to accomplish. Jack and Lille go through a lot together, a lot of ups and downs, and help each other become better people. Their relationship was fire hot!

“When I kiss you, it will be everywhere. When I kiss you, I won’t stop there. If I taste you, I’ll want to taste everything.”

This is a book I could read over and over again.

Additionally, I loved the friendships and the relationships. I loved seeing characters from the previous books again, I loved the mystery aspect of it and learning about all the other circus workers. They were so interesting and the banter was top-notch.

“Why do you call me flower?”
… “Because when I touch you, you fucking bloom.”

Hearts of Fire was sexy, funny, adventurous, and mysterious. Now all I want to do is join the circus!! Everyone needs to pick this book up, and even though you don’t have to, read Six of Hearts first! It’s great. I see myself soon reading both books in one go to enjoy the experience. I truly adored this book!

An A- for the circus folk!

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