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Once Should Be Enough by Nikky Kaye

When Cassie proclaims that she thinks she hates sex in front of her best guy friend, Will, he does a spit take.

Will and Cassie are college lab partners, and Will was relegated to the friend-zone right away—Cassie was dating a jerk who didn’t deserve her, at least in Will’s eyes. So this proclamation from Cassie at their favorite diner strikes Will as an opportunity for both of them—Cassie can see that she clearly just hasn’t had good sex in her life, and Will can climb out of the friend-zone. Sounds easy enough, right?


A little over-eager, Will traps Cassie against his leg outside of a college building… and she finds some much needed release, we’ll say. Outside. In front of everyone on campus. Embarrassed, Cassie flees, avoiding Will for the better part of a week. Which is not what Will had in mind—now that he’s seen this other side of Cassie, it’s all he ever wants to see.

What’s a guy to do?

After a week with no contact, Will is going crazy. He finally heads to a local bar, where he finds Cassie and a close friend of hers dancing the night away to the beat of the music. It’s too good to be true—here she is, right in front of him. So he tries again to prove to her that it’s not her. She’s a normal person, a person who needs some better sex in her life. That’s all. She takes him home. Is one time enough for both of them?

The sexiest read ever, maybe?

Since this is a novella that tops out at around 90 pages, it’s hard not to give anything away! But believe me, this story is HOT. All caps HOT. Like, maybe don’t read it in public HOT. And even though it’s so brief, I got a good sense of the characters, the plot, and the setting. It was a really well-done novella. And Will—excuse me while I swoon over here for a second.


Yeah, Will is something special. He’s the guy that readers are looking for when they seek out New Adult, but he comes without the baggage of some—he doesn’t change drastically in the story, he doesn’t belittle any women, he doesn’t smoke or drive fast or do anything reckless. He’s a bit of a womanizer, but he’s in college! That’ll happen. What I found so amazing is that he takes the time to empower this friend of his. Cassie thinks that she’s a slut as soon as she finds that sex actually is enjoyable, and Will is the first to tell her that she is definitely not anything like a slut. He’s the ideal guy. I wanted more of him!

My complaints are pretty brief—I wasn’t a huge fan of the dual-POVs, mostly because they switched back and forth inconsistently. And Cassie frustrated me because she often contradicted herself, but after reading, I remembered what I was like in college—yeah, I contradicted myself A TON because I just didn’t know anything yet. So I’ll give her a pass this time.

Once Should Be Enough gets a B+.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, but the POV issues were annoying enough to take me out of the story.

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