Diving Deep- UK Crush Series- Tani Hanes

Diving Deep (Book #2 of The UK Crush Series) By Tani Hanes

Diving Deep is book #2 of Tani Hane’s UK Crush series and it takes our protagonist from scared, sheltered girl, to sexy, empowered woman.

The difference between Living in the Shallows and Diving Deep is huge, but in a good way. It’s also very, very sexy!

Diving Deep (Book #2, UK Crush Series)

Learning to live can be difficult. Aileen Foster, aka Tinker Bell the Bitchtastic, aka Birdie, has come to London to live with Theo Shelley, who is one quarter of UK Crush, the most popular boy band in the world, while she prepares for her piano audition to Hamilton Conservatory in New York. She’s new to England, to relationships, to love, to life, really. But she’s trying.

My Thoughts…

As I was saying, Diving Deep is so different from the first novel, it almost felt like a new series. It also made me like and appreciate the series a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the first book, but like Aileen’s transformation, Diving Deep takes us in a much more mature and sexier direction.

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Living in the Shallows ends with Tink barely coming to terms with her feelings for Theo, but deciding to take a leap of faith to join him in England. Upon arrival, she learns the true extent of his love and devotion, and they consummate their relationship (Tink’s first time). Diving Deep picks up right where we left the new lovers. Literally the morning after.

The novel is more or less the story of Tink and Theo falling in love, and equally important, Tink learning to embrace her new life. She discovers how to be the person she really is and because of her growing confidence in their love, she learns how to embrace it. Her transformation is like night and day, and I loved that. Also, Theo is totally adorable! He is the perfect mix of boyish charm and damaged goods. Which of course, is bait for most women. He’s not a bad boy because his intentions are so pure, but his history defintley makes him more complicated. Thus, he is also learning a lot about himself in the progression of their story.

The rest of the band pop in and out of the story and there are many glamorous and not so glamorous moments as Tink learns how to live in the spotlight alongside the boys. This makes for excellent reading. Additionally, this book is HOT! Like we’re talking 50 shades hot! But unlike those books, this is actually extremely well-written and the plot is enjoyable.

Diving Deep, like the rest of the series is a little fanciful. I mean, how often does a “regular” girl, have a “regular” boy who happens to be a rock star, fall in love with them? Oh, and then makes all their dreams come true? That said, it’s all in good fun and there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy.

I really enjoyed this one guys and I highly recommend that you check out the rest of the series.

Rating… A

Tani Hanes


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