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If you’d love to create a blog but don’t have the time, this is for you! Booknista wants you for a super cool, exciting, brag worthy, resume building, mind blowing, amazing opportunity.


Help create a blog, by writing for Booknista. We need entertaining, snarky articles for our fast growing website.

If the below sounds like you, send a note to and lets make the magic happen. 

  • Your favorite reads are YA, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, LGBT or Paranormal Romance books.
  • You’d love to create a blog. You’ve dabbled with the idea of having a blog, but don’t actually want to do it yourself. It’s a struggle. We get it.
  • Have a sense of humor, you’re the “funny” one in your group of friends.
  • Love social media, TV, movies and pop culture. You know all about the latest Bachelor, Teen Wolf and who to follow on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Not only do you understand what a listicle is, but can create one quickly.
  • Don’t get offended easily by bad jokes, sexy dialogue or poor judgment by good heroes and heroines who are in love but full of doubt, angst, stuck in a love triangle of their own doing and possibly have meddling family members or deep dark secrets.


write for us
T-shirt or tank top? If you write for us, you get a snazzy new fun shirt to run around town in, bragging about your fancy writing skills.


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