Black Hearts by Karina Halle

I cannot tell you how excited I was to read Black Hearts by Karina Halle!! The offspring of Javier & Luisa and the offspring of Ellie & Camden? Sign me up!

In Black Hearts, Violet is the daughter of Ellie and Camden. Everything she thought she knew changes when she discovered some secrets of her parent’s dark past. And if you’ve read The Artists Trilogy, you definitely know how dark. Violet’s always had a feeling that something wasn’t right with her parents. The dots never added up. Now that she’s all grown up and starting to be independent she begins to realize there may be truth to the paranoia she always had. She has proof that there are more lies webbed together by her parents than she ever thought possible.

Such a nice little life.

A nice little lie.

On the other hand, Vincente, son of Luisa and Javier, is next in throne to take over the legacy that is his father and his business.

If you’ve read the Dirty Angels trilogy, you know all about it. He’s been trained for this his whole life, but it’s not what he wants. When his father gives him two months away from home to take a ‘break’ before he is expected to take over the kingdom, he decides to figure out some of his own father’s past secrets hidden deep in California. He finds them in the form of Ellie McQueen. He believes this may be the way he can earn his father’s respect.

On his search to find the women who Javier lost to another man, he comes across Violet McQueen. Instant sexual chemistry. It’s raw. Intense. Hard and fast. Vincente is the dark, sexy bad boy you want but warned to stay away from. He is a killer. The alpha-male.

Violet is quieter, focused on her education yet wanting to have her freedom.

Luckily, Vicente comes in her life right when she needs it the most. Someone to take her out of her own head and help her let go. However, Violet doesn’t know just how Vincente ended up walking into her life. It was no coincidence. Nuh-uh. He finds her extremely beautiful and becomes infatuated with her. Violet was always supposed to be a route to Ellie, but Vincente never expected the feelings he gained for her.

If Helen of Troy’s face could launch a thousand ships, Violet McQueen’s face could launch a thousand stories, all filled with lust, heartache and death.

This lead to some of the best romantic suspense I’ve read! So many lies slowly untangling one by one. I was biting my fingernails till the very last page of Black Hearts! I was always guessing what direction it was going to go in next or how certain characters would react. The characters really surprised me sometimes! I cannot wait to read the conclusion of this story in the second book of this duology.

I’m shuddering on the inside, completely unravelled.

Completely frightened.

And I don’t scare easily.

I really loved the romance between Violet and Vincente.

Things moved quickly between them, however, the development of their relationship felt organic. The sex scenes were so good! Literally made my temperature rise. Vincente is incredible in bed. Sensual yet rough.

Pain never felt so good.

So, so good.

Ellie, Camden, Luisa and Javier were so exciting to see as parents and they clearly adored their children. However, the happiness can’t last long. Vincente has a mission and he plans on completing it, even if there are now new advances aka his feelings for Violet. However, what he doesn’t know is that there are certain developments in place that are moving without him and he’s not so ahead of the curve as he originally thought.

Violet and Vincente are really going to have to fight hard and dirty to get their happiness. But will they? We’ll find out in the second book, coming out in less than a month!

Grade B for the Black Hearts!


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