At Attention

At Attention by Annabeth Albert

At Attention by Annabeth Albert was a quick, sexy read about a slow-burn romance between two men, Apollo and Dylan, who want each other, but one struggles with his guilt.

In At Attention, Apollo is raising two young girls on his own after his husband passed away two years ago. He is completely focused on his girls, refusing to let himself move on. This is slowly suffocating him in his grief.

His eyes were dark puddles of grief. Fuck. How could Dylan have forgotten even for a moment about Apollo’s dead husband, gone two years now?

Here comes Dylan, young and sexy, carefree with the whole world in front of him.

Can Apollo really have him? He doesn’t think so.  Dylan doesn’t look like a kid anymore though, and Apollo can only resist for so long.

Ten years his junior, Dylan is full of bright ideas and wants to be there for Apollo and take care of his girls. Whereas Apollo has strict scheduling and a grueling amount of work. Dylan is also his best friend’s younger brother, which adds a delicious forbidden factor to At Attention. Dylan has had a crush on Apollo since he was younger and now he is trying to prove to Apollo that he is all man, and all ready to be with Apollo.

He knew full well how dangerous crushing on Apollo could be. And he wasn’t the smart kid he’d once been. He was smarter now.

The flirting was HOT! I loved the slow-burn, will they won’t they dynamic that was going on and when Apollo did finally give in, boy it is FIRE!

The chemistry and passion was incredible! When both men finally gave in to what they want, it was definitely worth it! Sexy as hell and if you have a thing for mirrors…you’ll definitely enjoy it 😉

“I want to watch you work in the mirror. So fucking hot.”

In some scenes, I found Apollo very frustrating with his back and forth with Dylan. I thought Dylan was very patient to put up with it, but it just shows how much Dylan cares about Apollo. However, with Apollo’s POV, I can understand why he is the way he is. Albeit still a bit exasperating. A lot of his actions were due to his grief and fear of losing anyone else, and considering he works in the navy, that is an everyday fear for him.

The kids in the books were realistic and so sweet! They were very present, just like kids are in real life, even in adult relationships. I really like how everything came together in the end. It has a wonderful HEA.

At Attention was a great addition to the Out of Uniform series. Read it!

Grade: B

(ARC was provided kindly by Netgalley and publishers: release date 10th April 2017)

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