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The place for FANS of great young adult, new adult, romance, urban fantasy and paranormal books with sassy, smart, strong heroines & sexy heroes. We love action, adventure and romance. You know that part in a book when you bite your lip and wonder who will understand what you’re thinking, how crazy great this story is, who will debate with you about the perfect actor to play the lead? We are those people. Hang with us.

As for Team Booknista…

We are five fabulous snarky ladies who love to read and write.

Book Babe’s favorite things are travel, wine, coffee, TV, superheroes and books. When she has any combo of those, she’s a happy woman. Throw in some yoga, soccer and music…and that’s a super epic day. She enjoys a coffee fueled career in marketing and has an awesome hot husband, a brilliant strong daughter and a lovable dog, Sparky. Follow her @TheBooknista on Twitter. Because that’s another thing she loves…being witty in just 140 characters.

Book Babe has four creative, biblio-riffic, pop culture lovin’ sidekicks.

Mary Sue is the embodiment of perfection, except for those few moments of weakness which are obviously the narrator’s fault anyway. She’s a travel-happy, singing cross-stitcher with a slight grammar obsession who always judges her romance novels by their covers. You can find her inner thoughts on Twitter, @RealMarySue.

Gal Pal is pals with all the gals. She is fixated on LGBT fantasy and video games that slowly rip out a person’s soul. Her dog Marzipan judges her reading habits, which generally include biking through plot rage or crying into her pages. Be her BFF and follow her on Twitter, @GalPalla.

Shanannigans is a cheeky book worm turned writer who loves all thing paranormal and apocalyptic. Also a wife and mother who’s full-time job is to organize a household of messy but lovable gamer/ fan boys and one sassy daughter who rules them all.

Hobbies include but are not limited to reading, movies, photography, exaggerating, talking (a lot ), and drinking copious amounts of coffee and wine depending on what time of day it is. Follow @shanannigans81 on Twitter. She occasionally cheats on Booknista by posting on her own blog, Reads and Reels.

Nerd Lady is protected by an armor of feminist ideals in order to protect her gooey inside that loves swoony love interests and far off literary escapes. She is a technical writer by day and a reader and creative writer by night. Her sidekicks include her equally nerdy husband and their spunky canine companion, and she spends her limited spare time training for long-distance running races. You can find her on the internet at Brown-Eyed Twenty-Something, where she talks about her writing life, and on Twitter.

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Book Babe’s faithful, awesome dog Sparky.

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